Annette Prapasiri
Designer / Principal

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

There is no “small deal” for Annette Prapasiri. Annette believes we can simultaneously design for better outcomes, higher ROI, stronger communities, and happier humans. Fascinated by neuroscience and behavioral economics, you’ll find her always out on the frontier, prospecting for the incentives that shape human actions.

1990s Seattle was the backdrop for Annette’s professional design training and first paid design work, but she attributes her empathetic listening and productive questioning skills to her time at St. John’s College, Santa Fe. Annette strives, always, for clarity. She gracefully balances form and function, budget and timeframe, end-user needs and her client’s desires. She finds her purpose in furthering the passion and purpose of others.


Sammi Triolo
Performance Strategist / Trainer

Sammi Triolo is a performance development and training strategist. Her specialty is curriculum development, instructional design, and training/meeting facilitation. Over a span of 23 years she has partnered with organizations worldwide, and in various industries, to develop and implement performance improvement and curriculum initiatives that increase efficiencies and job performance in the workplace.

Sammi and Annette bookend a process that builds your brand to face both internal and external audiences. The cohesion we’ll seek to develop isn’t just between consumer touchpoints and communication platforms, but within your team, aligned toward a shared vision and practice.


Mia Goldman
Writer / Analyst

Mia Goldman is a writer and former English Teacher specialized in Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Workshop. Also a graduate of the great books program at St. John’s College, Mia’s writing is imbued with an abiding respect for structure, method and careful analysis. 

As a member of the Six Blooms team, Mia is interested in empowering clients by finding the patterns and themes around which they will most naturally and authentically align.


John McAndrew
Writer / Editor

John McAndrew is a writer, activist, and pet sitter living in Santa Fe. He has been a congressional intern, political ghost-writer, paralegal, a student of German and Spanish, and enjoyed a 15 year career in book sales for a major New York publisher.

Experienced in writing everything from mission statements to press releases to employee handbooks, John’s specialty, finally, is writing for advocacy and sales. “I am a generalist, with an appreciation for grammar and punctuation and stories told well and clearly.”