Course Roadmap and Description

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The Who Behind The What

This is the pre-work for Session One. Though we do not expect you to have completed this work perfectly, we do want you to have reviewed the questions and spent 1 to 2 hours working on your answers.

After you registered, you will receive a welcome email with the course login. Please follow the link in this email to view your pre-work assignment. Annette will guide you through two exercises that you will need to complete before Session One.


  • Mission and Vision Statements (Draft)

  • Brand Attributes

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— Session One —
Purpose & Evidence Workshop

Learn what it takes to build brand advocates—your free advertising force! Annette is passionate about branding as an activity by humans, for humans (that is, not just by corporations, for profit). Understand what it means to brand your business with humanity.

In this workshop we will focus on aligning your key brand expressions—your key services, products or programs—to your connective Vision and Mission Statements.


  • Overview of the Brand Brief

  • Brand Advocacy Journey

  • Vision and Mission Refined

  • Lists of key services, products and/or programs

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Audience Persona

This is the pre-work for Session Two. Directions for completing this work will be given at the end of Session One.

Branding building is about building long-term trust. Take time to figure out who your ideal audiences are. Know what lights up their day and what challenges you can help them solve.


  • Brand Audience Segmentation Exercise

  • Audience Persona

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— Session Two —
Empathy Workshop

Session Two is where we will do most of the heavy-lifting. Annette offers a process you can use to determine where to invest your branding resources to maximize your communication impact. Get brave, evaluate colleagues and competitors in your market arena and assess your own strength and potential growth.

Learn how to write a Value Proposition and Brand Driver Statements so you can create connective brand messaging, helping your audience understand how you can give them what they need.


  • Audience Journey Mapping Exercise

  • SEO Writing Exercise

  • Value Proposition Statements

  • Brand Driver Statements

  • Brand Brief

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Naming & Tagline

This is the pre-work for Session Three. Directions for completing this work will be given at the end of Session Two.

Your company’s name is itself a powerful brand asset. Learn how to name effectively and strategically.

Ever wonder how to write a catchy tagline that truly aligns with your brand? Annette breaks down the elements of a compelling tagline.

Learn to check all the key sources of trademark and identity registration.


  • Name Exercise

  • Tagline Exercise

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Session Three
Styling Workshop

Now that you have put together the blueprint of your brand, learn how to style your brand to get the attention you deserve. See how brand identity goes beyond the typical “logo.”

Annette reveals trade secrets about great identity design and equips you with the knowledge and vocabulary to help you build a great relationship with your future designer.


  • Brand Style Positioning Exercise

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