Design Your Brand Blueprint

brand building intensive Workshop series



Led by Identity Designer and Brand Consultant Annette Prapasiri, this intensive workshop series aims to help owners of existing and emerging businesses become more informed purchasers of design and advertising.

Asking for a logo before you have a brand strategy worked out is like shopping for a front door before you have a blueprint for your house. My goal is to educate people about the why, what and how of brand building, to help them see clearly where and how they ought to invest their money.
—Annette Prapasiri

This 6-session workshop series (3 independent sessions + 3 group sessions) will help you:

  • Define your brand essence : Who + What + How + Why

  • Clarify which audiences you hope to serve

  • Determine your positioning within your market

  • Distinguish between branding, marketing, advertising and design in order to target your communication spending.

Over the course of this workshop series you will:

  • Learn how to confidently determine where to invest your branding resources

  • Identify factors to consider when naming your business, product or service

  • Explore the elements of a compelling brand tagline

  • Learn to dress your brand to amplify your message

  • Find out what makes a good “logo”

  • Practice choosing your content producers: DIY vs. freelancer vs. agency; designer vs. marketer/brander; etc.

This series dives into important considerations that can help your brand thrive in diverse market conditions and achieve the long-term fulfillment of your ambitions.

Limited to 10 participants.




This workshop is designed for highly self-reflective, self-motivated and accountable leaders and change-makers. Time commitment is key to getting the most out of this workshop series. The process and approach will be most beneficial for individuals who:

  • Are ready to invest in the entire process

  • Have stamina for indoor classroom learning (3 sessions; 3–4 hours each)

  • Are willing to do independent pre-work before each group session (3 pre-work sessions; 1–2 hours each)

  • Enjoy self-empowering and self-discovery exercises

  • Have a growth-mindset—Believe that one can grow and change

  • Are empathetic—Capable of putting themselves in another’s shoes and not afraid of connection

  • Have a spirit of service

  • See their business as an extension of themselves




Group Sessions:

Saturday | 1 November 2018 | 9 AM to Noon

Saturday | 10 November 2018 | 9 AM to 1 PM

Saturday | 17 November 2018 | 9 AM to Noon

Participants are expected to complete pre-work ahead of Sessions One, Two and Three. One to two hours of time is estimated for each pre-work session.





Online registration and pre-payment (with a debit or credit card) is required and necessary for you to have time to do the pre-work for Session One. 

Once registered, you will receive access to downloadable workshop materials.

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