Yours, Truly


Our focus is on you! We invest time up front with every client to get to know their story, their passion, and all the people who bring their vision to life. Valuably differentiated design arises from knowing who you are, your strengths, and where you are heading. Six Blooms is invested in creating work to support an endeavor that is truly yours.

Read below for a few examples of our collaborations with other clients.



  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Tagline
  • Product Naming
  • Identity and Touchpoint Development and Design
  • Launch Email Developement

sweetwater harvest kitchen

  • Identity Signature and Color Palette Refresh
  • Website Redesign
  • Email Template Redesign
  • Menu Cover Redesign

lemon thyme cooking

  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Identity and Touchpoint Development and Design
  • Cover Image Photography

corbeau studio

  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Naming and Tagline
  • Identity and Touchpoint Development and Design
  • Launch Planning

jiggy jog press

  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Tagline
  • Identity Design
  • Website and Motion Graphics

pop & toss

  • Identity Design
  • Advertising Display Design



VidCAD is a software company that helps AV designers and engineers build wiring diagrams, integrate them with architectural drawings and support precision installation. They pioneered this field and remain the acknowledged industry leader. They serve clients around the world.

After being in the business for 30 years, they saw change on the horizon and they knew that in order for their company to make it another 30, their product would have to be even more nimble and efficient.

So they rewrote their entire operating platform and, one million lines of code later, they were ready to launch their new product. They came to us wanting to update their straight-outta-the-80s look to reflect their newly-streamlined products.

Six Blooms reviewed the history and direction of the company alongside its new products and stitched together a new graphic identity with a tagline and story to match the software redesign. —Brand Strategy Workshops, ID Development and Design, Tagline

Once everyone was comfortable with the new company identity, Six Blooms tweaked product names, developed in-program icons, created brochures and designed the environment and graphics for VidCAD’s trade show exhibit. —Product Naming, Touchpoint Development

Finally, having developed a real love for VidCAD’s story and coming transition, Six Blooms helped craft the language that would introduce long-time customers to the work and passion behind the changes.  Launch Email Development


Template for Success


Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen had found its groove. In health-conscious, clean-eating Santa Fe, Sweetwater was producing tasty, beautiful food in an inviting, airy setting. However, hoping to also recoup their investment, the co-owners began looking for efficiencies. 

Conscious of a small business’ limited marketing budget, Six Blooms gave Sweetwater more digital autonomy by setting up templates on user-friendly and powerful platforms, allowing the co-owners to  update content at their own convenience (at 10pm, if need be). 

As part of the website redesign effort, Six Blooms was asked to refine Sweetwater’s existing identity system. Six Blooms also developed primary and secondary brand color palettes and style guidelines to inform purchasing decisions for Sweetwater’s interior accessories. — Brand ID Refresh, Color Palette Development

For Sweetwater’s website, Six Blooms chose a Squarespace template that reflects the restaurant’s open interior and a slide gallery to feature their gorgeous dishes and interior details.—Website Design

To match the refreshed website design, Six Blooms offered an email newsletter template, built in MailChimp, that contextualizes the existing restaurant slogan: Eat Here Now, making it easy for the owners to send out aesthetically pleasing weekly updates. —Email Template Design


LemonThymeID2C ChampMango Lemon600px.png

Chart Your Course


Clementine Wood had quietly nurtured an ambition to help others eat tasty, healthy food, sustainably packaged, in step with their inspired lives. She would deliver meals daily, on a subscription basis, to homes and businesses around town. Six Blooms helped her represent that ambition by:

Defining the range and scope of her work and identifying target audiences. Developing a graphic identity that positioned her as an easy but conscientious option for a busy, discerning eater. —Brand Strategy Workshops, ID Development and Design

Designing a basic identity package (business cards, stationery template, social media card) that would give Lemon Thyme Cooking the ability to engage professionally as the operation scaled up. —Touchpoint: Basic Stationery Set, Cover Image Photography


LemonThymeID2C ChampMango Lemon600px.png

Promoting a Professional


Laetitia Meffre, an experienced art therapist, multimedia artist and performer, was ready to launch her art therapy practice. Laetitia knew her own powers and came to Six Blooms looking to frame her experience in a way that would inspire trust and set her business up for success. 

We helped name and brand her practice, Corbeau Studio—Raven Studio, honoring her French heritage and drawing on the powerful symbol of a creature known for its transformative power, a messenger from the cosmos. —Brand Audit, Brand Strategy Workshops, Launch Planning, ID Development and Design

We developed multiple touchpoints to showcase Laetitia’s portfolio and Corbeau Studio’s offerings. — Touchpoint Development and Design: Promo Cards, Basic Stationery Set and Templates, Intake and Waiver Forms, Website Design, Email Campaigns.



Magic Rabbit


Jiggy Jog Press is a children’s book publisher focused on creating books that celebrate the best of childhood. When she approached us, JJP’s founder was eager to convey a playful, light spirit, but to be taken seriously as a new player in a competitive market. 

Following a series of brand strategy sessions, Six Blooms produced a mark by mirroring the founder’s script initials, JJ, to create a rabbit, which becomes a toy rabbit when textured with stitches. Lines are simple and strong, serifs are small but softening, giving the mark a confident, symmetrical but clearly child-focused character. Brand Strategy Workshop, Identity Design

The strategy sessions  became a trail of bread crumbs we followed to develop a tagline and copy to accompany intro animation for the JJP website. For JJP’s business cards, we pulled selections from the website prose, and patterning on the cards was made with the arc of the open book from the JJP mark itself. Tagline, Website and Motion Graphics



Putting the Fun in Fundraising


Pop & Toss is an after-school fundraiser, dreamt up by two parents active in the Turquoise Trail Charter School PTO, selling freshly-made popcorn with all-natural toppings. While every PTO needs money, they also need simple events that provide a context for the community to be with itself. How to do both on a tight (non-) budget?

We built smiling popcorn kernels to replace a few critical O's, and the smiling kernels turn toward each other to suggest a joyful tone for the event. —Identity Design

Working with a limited printing budget, we reproduced the black and white poster and flyer designs on Astrobright card stock... which helped the design pop! We took advantage of a glass entrance wall, where the letter-size posters could be placed opposing one another, to demand the attention of passersby. The posters and flyers were presented in English and in Spanish. —Advertising Display Design